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70 Weeks

“70 weeks (שבעים שבעים) are determined…,”[1] where if each of the weeks (שבוע)[2] is considered a 7 (heptad) year period as the Hebrew sabbatical cycle and subsequentially divided into 3 parts would become:

  • 7 weeks = 49 years similar to the events of a shmita or a Biblical Jubilee,
  • 62 weeks[3] = 434 years, 483 years total including the first two parts,
  • 1 week = 7 years further subdivided into two 3 ½ year periods by the midst of the week of Daniel 9:27.

In Daniel 9:25 the phrase “Know therefore and understand” (ותדע ותשכל) is used to indicate a decree has occurred somewhere.

Of which a count will start, the terminus ad quo: “…from the going forth of the commandment to restore and to build Jerusalem.”[3]

3 Decrees

There are at 3 different decrees that are considered in an attempt to know therefore and understand the beginning of the 70 weeks of Daniel:

  • Decree 1: there was the decree of Cyrus[4] (כורש, כרש), found by Darius[5] (דריוש) and issued in 539 BC,
    • American Theologian Leon J. Wood (1918-1977 AD) notes that this referred to “rebuilding the Temple,”
  • Decree 2: the 1st decree of Artaxerxes[6] (ארתחששתא) given in 457 BC,
    • Leon J. Wood notes that this referred to the “establishment and practice of the proper services at the Temple,”
    • Gary DeMar declares that the start or terminus ad quo is from decree 2; “from 457 BC the 2 and 62 weeks; 69 weeks or 483 years later to and including 26 AD,
  • Decree 3: the 2nd decree of Artaxerxes[7] (ארתחששתא) in his 20th year[8] given in 445 BC.
    • Leon J. Wood notes that this referred to the “rebuilding of the walls,” when, long before, most of the city had been rebuilt,
    • Sir Robert Anderson (1841-1918 AD) developed a chronology that used a 360-day year that he called a “prophetic year” and modified by Dr. Harold Hoehner (1935-2009 AD) began the start or terminus ad quo with decree 3 in 445 BC through to the triumphal entry into Jerusalem in 33 AD.

Daniel 9:25 states: “And after 62 weeks (triumphal entry into Jerusalem 33 AD) Messiah will be cut off and have nothing”, favors the decree 3 scenario.

2 Views of the 70th Week

Daniel 70th week Historical-futurist view

We now enter the area of the greatest controversy concerning the 70 weeks prophecy where are two views:[9]

  • One view is focused upon whether the 70th week follows consecutively the first 69 with all 70 weeks of years having already been fulfilled in the past, call it the historical view,
    • Daniel 9:27 states: (after the 7 and 62 weeks) “And he shall confirm the covenant for 1 week,” favors the decree 2 scenario,
  • The other view is the final 70th week is in future after a gap between the 69th and 70th weeks, call it the futurist view.
    • To date, no one has been able to answer the work done by Dr. Harold Hoehner. It is fully supportive of the literal interpretation of Daniel's prophecy and is the only approach that has been demonstrated, thus far, to make the numbers work out. This is why most all those who take this text literally have adopted Dr. Hoehner's view,[10] favoring the decree 3 scenario, others use Dr. Harold Hoehner to verify the decree 2 scenario,
    • Critics of our literal, futurist understanding of this text claim that there is no justification for a gap or postponement between the 69th and 70th week. Perhaps no one is more shrill in his criticism of a gap than preterist Gary DeMar, who says: The gap that has been placed between the 69th and 70th weeks of Daniel’s prophecy was created because it was needed to make the dispensational hermeneutical model work. Nothing in the text of Daniel 9:24-27 implies a “gap.”

After all of these theological academic interpretations still no one, no not one of these theological academeans has or can tell you the actual dates that fit the scenario of the futurist view, who will never be satisfied with the historical view, since the futurist are all trying to predict the second coming of Christ based on Daniel 9, et. al.

The New Historical-Futurist View

New Historical-Futurist View et. al.

It is time to finally settle the score with the Universal Syphers™ using the WikiSyphers platform which will demonstrate that what is needed for the futurist view to come true is a new view; a third view, the historical-futurist view.

The two charts of Daniel 9’s new historical-future view illustrate that the second coming has already occurred, the historical view part, with the futuristic gap concluding with the years of 1947-1953 AD, the futuristic part after the gap after the 69 weeks. The mid-point of the 70th, 1 week or 7 years of Daniel 9:27 occurred in 1950 AD with the beginning of the Korean War and the Great Tribulation of Matthew 24. The Antichrist’s reign ends the second 3 ½ year period and the 70th week 7 year period in 1953 AD with the death of Joseph Stalin, the antichrist figure of the Second Advent, counterpart of the Second Coming of the returning Christ.

The 70th week 7 year period of 1947-1953 AD is also paralleled to the 7 seals of the book of Revelation with each seal symbolically representing 1 year of the 7 years.

For those who like to take things a bit further using Daniel 9’s prophecy et.al. after the 70th week or 7 years of 1947-1953 AD, called in the Universal Syphers™ the Period of Suffering, Prison and Liberation and representing the 7 vials of the book of Revelation is the Period of the Church with Controversy and Growth covering the period of time of 1954-1960 AD beginning the second coming. After this period is the 40 year Period of the Parents Holy Wedding when Christ reigns begins covering the period of time of 1960-1999 AD initiating the beginning of the millennial reign of the returning Christ through the cusp of the Aquarian Age in 2000 AD, which mathematically begins in CE 2104 and continuing through to CE 3063.

Great Year

Great Year Sumerian

When the Great Year of 25,920 years is divided by 12, the Western method, each Astrological age is mathematically 2160 years. The 1st/12 Astrological age is the Aquarian Age, the new heaven of Revelation and covers the period of time of CE 2104 through CE 4263. When the Day of the Lord or the Great Year of 25,920 years is divided by 27, the Eastern method of the Xiu (סיו, 宿, 숙, סוך) twenty-seven Chinese Mansions or lodges or the Hindu Nakshatra (נחש טרא), each Celestial Caliphate Mansion is mathematically 960 years. Synchronized with the 1st/12 Astrological ages, the Aquarian Age is ShiXiuBu (宿); the millennial celestial caliphate “room, chamber or encampment mansion department” covering mathematically the period of time of CE 2104 through CE 3063, the Millennium of Millennialism.

This is a consistent, coherent and verifiable timeline of the returning Christ, the new historical-future view that is the only way to make the numbers work out.

Providential History

For those who like additional information more than just the limits of Daniel 9’s prophecy check out this chart of the Providential History that illustrates the simplicity of God’s providential plan for all of history over the course of the last 3 Astrological Ages of Taurus, Aries and Pisces.

Providential history is divided into 3 periods of which each has 6 parallel sub-periods that coincide with the sub-periods of the other 2 vertical periods in nature and providence:

  • The Age of the Foundation of Restoration also called the Age of Symbolic Time-identity, roughly covering the Taurean Age,
  • The Age of Restoration also called the Age of Image Time-identity, roughly covering the Arian Age,
  • The Age of the Prolongation of Restoration also called the Age of Substantial Time-identity, roughly covering the Piscean Age,
    • Begins with character of figure of Yeshua, the Moshiach and concludes with the Returning Christ, the Lord of the Second Coming,
    • AD 1 through to AD 1917 afterthewhich is the time of the Second Coming at the end of the Astrological Age; the Piscean Age and the beginning of the New Age, the Aquarian Age.


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