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Halonomics[1] is a form of the term Halo (חלו) coined by Carl Johan Calleman in The Purposeful Universe[2] in which Halos similar to spheres are generated by the tree of life form holons (חולונות; "windowings," fractals or Incommensurability) in a nestling hierarchy or organizations of life as microcosmic reflections of macrocosmic wave-forms. In line with Arthur Koestler, the holonomic universe is with forms of nestling hierarchies of holonic structures whole in themselves and yet with space connections. This is an example of parallel Holonomics. Halonomics further clarifies and divines the source of the holographic (-חולו: ολος: whole or unit) model of David Bohm and Karl Pribram as the central axis or cosmic tree of life which generates quantum polarizing wave-forms generating an orderly universe.[3] Halonomic writing is with pre-forms of platonic standard topology with corresponding users, in the form of graphemes whether characters, symbols, letters or geometrical shapes centering upon the construct of the Hebrew Alphabet Path-space Interconnections or formation-energy paths of the Acu-Brain, the brain-spirit operator in the Matter-Being Project.

:Standard-Holon: Being &: Being-Matter &: Matter

For the Matter-Being paradigm or [pro]ject of a holon is with the parsing by the triple-triangle with the comparative 9-planets in the <>:.

(~1) → For the Logic of the Being, (~2) → and for the Logic of Matter-Being or: Being-Matter, the cloud or watcher-watchee or client, item of the watching ploys(: Ao), (~3) → and for the Logic of Matter is with the (~1)-(~2)-(~3)-standard-holon for the wholeness and: vibration-oneness by the Being, Matter, and by their ploys.

:Logic: Being

~1 For the Logic of the Being[4], form or: structure is with the hidden(צפן)-secret/treasure or [un]seen/[in]visible-formula-27 with the three-levels of the elementary-particles(drops, EMT) by the meta-cube.

:Logic: Being-Matter

:MENTAL-CHEMISTRY: God's-Being(Havayah:הויה) In The Matter

~2 For the Logic of Being-Matter and: Matter-Being or cloud-watcher<-->watchee-client-item of the watching in the matter of the logic-particle(drop)-wave(landing),


For the fixating(reference)-frame of the Being-combining-cogitation is with the Chinese-logic-summarizing in the nine-Chinese-characters-standard-holon of the Jeong-Gi-Shin(정기신: --, Shen-Jing-Qi)-Shim-Ryeong-Shin(심령신, --, Xin-Ling-Shen)-Baek-Hon-Ryeong(백혼령: --, Po-Hun-Ling) with the cogitating and with these nine-Chinese-characters or: standard-holon-mandala by the Mind-Being-Paradigm.

  • For the Being of the [re]mote-viewing or: four-non-local-characters-1:2-Paths is with the Hon-Baek-Ryeong(혼백령: --, Hun-Po-Ling) + Shin(신, , Shen) by the 1:3-sub-holons,
    • In this 1:3-sub-holons-Formula-27-substitutes for the elementary-particles(drops) is with the fundamental-hypothesis for the finite-mean by the watcher's(Observer’s)-reality.
  • For the Ryeong(령, , Ling)-God/Deity of the very-significant-performance is with the 2:3-characters and with the showing-twice and: once by the 2:3-sub-holons.
  • For the Matter of the four-local-characters-2:2-Paths is with the Shin-Jeong-Gi(신정기: --, Shen-Jing-Qi) + Shim(심, , Xin) by the 3:3-sub-holons.

In the Unix model, the operating system consists of two parts: first, utility programs that are drivers (זג; "husk" or nut surrounding seed) for most operations; second, the kernel (חרצן, seed) that runs the programs. The kernel is a program, running in supervisor mode acting as a program loader and supervisor for the small utility programs making up the rest of the system providing I/O services for these programs; beyond that, the kernel does not intervene at all in userland or user space programs, code that runs outside the operating system's kernel.

:Logic: Matter/Mass

:Dielectric &: Electro-Magnetic &: Dielectric-Pulse-Drop(פ->ט->ד, EMT-Particles, Wheeler p212)

~3 For the Logic of the Matter/Mass(מאש) is with the visual/visible-37 in the aether(עתר) of the quickening(acceleration)-mass-velocity,

  • For the visual/visible of the 37 is with the 36-Minor-Conjugate-Couplings and: 1-free-will-volition by the 37-total.
  • topological logic of So-In(, Xiao-Ren)-small-human, the 3rd/3 parts of the ark of the solar system, the far outer or third[5] (שלשים) story (תשים) solar system,
  • 1st holon Being in numbers 1-2-3 is with the Shin-Jeong-Gi(신정기: --, Shen-Jing-Qi) logic of Matter,
    • The Universe inside the Vacuum Computer: in Matter Logic:
      • 3. <7> → Shin(신, , Shen)-show-greater-purport or: logic-[in]formation consisting of items of quickening; the rate of change of velocity of an item with specifics of time, and construing the logic-information component or dark-matter according to the Matter-Being project including Logic/Information,
      • 1. <8> → For the Jeong(정, , Jing)-huskless-rice-azure or: matter(particle, drop) consisting of items of mass; a property of a physical body or the measure of an item's resistance to quickening (a change in the item's state of motion) when a force is applied, and construing the collapsed quanta state of energy-masses (E=mc2) or visible matter according to the Matter-Being project including mind/energy,
      • 2. <9> → Gi(기, , Qi)-nourishment/foodgrain-huskless-rice or: count(quanta) consisting of items of velocity; the rate of change of an items position with respect to a frame of fixation or conference, and construing an ever-changing state of information-energy or dark energy according to the Matter-Being project including information/energy,
  • Atomic Logic, 81 Atoms of Matter, within the WikiSyphers in Mictlan's Nine Underworlds is the 3rd/9 () heavens WuJiTian () in Heaven's Code, the orbital plain or destiny of RenYiSan (, 인일삼);[8] "human one three."

For the mass of the weight is with the 7-specific-characteristics for the finite-mean by the measurement.

  • For the Location-specific-1:7-types,
  • For the Medium-specific-2:7-types,
  • For the Vector-specific-3:7-types,
  • For the Magnitude-specific-4:7-types,
  • For the Phase-specific-5:7-types,
  • For the Point-Source-specific-6:7-types, or
  • For the Non-Point-Source-specific-7:7-types...

for the crossover or transfer(boat --> dock-pier[zero-point-source] --> land) in the logic of the matter and: without construing-finality(Ain-Soph) or: continuum, for the without-finality or: continuum is with the need-beingness by a statute-law(ima-copy + ago-object, plant or animal) or: imaginary-number(i, iota, 1H). For the without-finality or: continuum of the Ain-Soph is at the junction where the two or: more imaginary-boundaries-meet(i+i..., e.g. transferee + 1H-proton/Great-Grandson-position) and at this junction for the cloud or: watcher(:key-ψ)-meets with the watchee or: client, item of watching(:lock-φ[ψ∗]) with the need-beingness-meeting by the facilitation of the customs.


For the lock-key-state(:φ·ψ) of the letter-box is with the condition for the cloud or: watcher by the communicating-perfectly with the watchee or client, item of the watching.

  • For the correspondence-between-logic and for the lock-key-state(:φ·ψ) of the letter-box(safe-deposit, SDR's) and of the logic with the lock-state(:lock-φ) is with the supersymmetry(gravity) by the Holon-theory.

:First-Holon And: Creation-Continuance


For the first-holon-1-2-3 is with the specifics of a series-holonomics with the three-1-2-3 specific for a Holon by the unit of the wholeness with the Being and: Matter and their Ploys. For the paradigm of the Matter-Being is with the specifics for a paradigm of the holons by this holon-paradigm.

~a For the first-being of the watchee-client or item of the watching-lock-ψ∗(Che-Psi asteric.png-Psi-*) is with the star(*) for the symbolizing of the convolution for a mathematical-operation of the two-functions-f & g for a third function-[ex]pression with the methodology of the shape of one function by the modification of a second function with the construing of the [in]tegral of the [pro]duct with the two-functions of the post-commuting of the one with the shift of a particular-kind of the integral-transform.

:First-Three-Days: Creation-Continuation

FORM-HEAVEN Vertical 1st Cause, Base-9 Logic, Elements

We cannot know God as a person. We can only try to understand God from God's creation. The following translation or giving of the facts must be with viewing in the context of non-local logic, remembering, the term “non-local” or transcendence is with spaceless and timeless confluences.


With elementary particle physics, the output particle component of light is identifying with the photon. The photon is a logic particle with no mass. Therefore photon is being only within the logic vacuum and/or the information vacuum. Photon is being in the logic vacuum as the neutral inside a line diagram with creation in the sixth day,

  • "And God sees (first cloud or watcher) the light that the light is good; and God divides the light from the darkness;"
    • God forms the logic of light and darkness, with symbolizing by the bigrams of Yin and Yang, (; #1) and (; #2), young Eve and young Adam,
  • "And God calls the light Day, and the darkness He calls Night. And the evening and the morning were the first day."
  • And God says, let there by a firmament in the midst of the waters, and let the firmament divide the waters from the waters,
    • God forms a mirror with the firmament in the midst of the waters, and the mirror divides the water from the waters,
  • And God made the firmament, and divides the waters, which are under the firmament from the water, which above the firmament,
    • God divides the waters, which are under the mirror from the waters, which above the mirror,
  • And God calls the firmament Heaven. And the evening and the morning are the second day.
  • And God says, let the waters under the heaven be gathered together unto one place, and let the dry land appear,
    • God separated the symmetry of dryness from wetness,
  • And God calls the dry land Earth; and the gathering together of the waters He calls Seas; and God saw that it was good,
    • The dryness becomes the Logic, Archetypal/gestalt, or the Universe of the Spirit; and the wetness corresponds to the information/topology, or the soul universe of continuous transformation,
  • And God says, let the earth bring forth grass, the herb yielding seed, and the fruit tree yielding fruit after his kind, whose seed is in itself, upon the earth
    • And God says, let the logic universe bring forth the logic of grass, the logic of herb yielding seed,
  • And the earth brought forth grass, and herb yielding seeds after his kind, and the tree yielding fruit, whose seed is in itself, after his kind; and God saw (first cloud or watcher) that was good,
    • And he Logic of all these co-creates the Lock-Logic component of matter,

God in the first three days is creating the form-heaven binary logic (simplicity) of yin and yang, the form-heaven octagon ternary logic (least action) symbolized by the trigrams, and arranged into the beauty of a form-heaven, lock-logic octagon. Thus, in the first three days, the lock-logic in God’s free will is creating the form-heaven logic and encodes the thought octagon (with free will in neutral lines) with creation in the sixth day.

:Second-Three-Days: Creation-Continuation

J♣ Wands, 63rd/81 Key cloud or watcher
Key watcher World Line (E=mc2)
POST-HEAVEN Horizontal 2nd Cause, Base-10 Logic, Senses

~b For the first-cloud or watcher[9]-of the key(ψ-Che-) is with the wave-function-ψ for the function of the freedom-gradations of the maximal set of the commuting-watchables by the free-will-volition within the programmer's-mind by the cloud or watcher.

  • And God says, let there be lights in the firmament of the heaven, to divide the day from the night; and let them be for signs, and for seasons and for days, and years,
  • And let them be lights in the firmament of the heaven, to give light upon the earth,
    • let the logic of free will neutral line be added to the yin-yang trigram to form tetragram of the Z boson to light the earth’s spirit
  • And God made two great lights; the greater light to rule the day, and the lesser light to rule the night,
    • And God made two great lights; the greater light, the photon with the neutral line, to rule the day spirit, and the lesser light, the boson tetragrams to rule the soul of the night, and with pure love, the graviton pentagram logic forms with two photons augmenting to the yin-yang trigram. In the yin—yang—neutral line diagram logic, He creates the galaxies,
  • And God set them in the firmament of the heaven, to give light upon the earth and to rule over the day and over the night, and to divide the light from the darkness; and God saw that it was good. And the evening and the morning were into the fourth day
    • And God Creates the Logic of Involution or complexity with the firmament, thus completing the complex Logic of Matter with the light-Photons in the three octave levels:
      • 9-PoHunLing: ---73 to 108 Octaves --> Complexion Logic,
      • 6-Shim-Shin-Ryeong(심신령, --, Shen-Xin-Ling)-01 to 36 Octaves --> Destiny of the Universe,
      • 3-Jeong-Gi-Shin(정기신: --, Jing-Qi-Shen)-37 to 72 Octaves --> Space/Physical-Constants.
  • And God says, let the waters bring forth abundantly the moving creature that hath life, and fowl that may fly above the earth in the open firmament of heaven. And God creates great whales, and every living creature that moveth, which the waters brought abundantly, after their kind, and every winged fowl after his kind; and God saw that it was good,
  • And God blesses them, saying, Be fruitful, and multiply, and fill the waters in the seas; and let fowl to multiply in the earth,
    • God creates the post-heaven, key logic octagon that is in symmetry to the form-heaven logic octagon,
  • And the evening and the morning were the fifth day.
  • And God says, let the earth bring forth the living creature after his kind, cattle, and creeping thing, and beast of the earth after his kind,
    • God on the sixth day, completing the creation of Matter-Being Lock-Key Involution or complex Logic of the Universe. Thus, in this second three days, the set of key logic represents by the post-heaven octagon is with codes for the form-heaven octagon lock logic in the thought octagon. Remember that these Six Days of creation are complete within a non-local set of logic before space and before time with symmetry breaking. Thus, the entire six days of creation occurred simultaneously in God’s free will and coding in the thought-octagon outside space and outside time. This creation is in the logic vacuum and information Vacuum and is coding in the self-programmable computer by the thought octagon.

God Creates the universe with the yin and yang lines inside the pre-octagon mandala in the first three days, the post-octagon mandala in the fifth day and afterward is the thought octagon with creation in the sixth day of the start the Big Bang. Remember, the big bang is cause of the number 9 symmetry break within the conflicts and the entanglement of free wills.

The operational concepts of these lines and line diagrams are using today’s binary computer logic basing with the mathematics of 0 or 1, symbolized by yin or yang lines, with the following formulation as an extension of the binary dimension in 3 large spatial 3-D coordinates system to a 7 dimensional computer in the logic coordinates of pre, post, and thought octagons.


:Rest(Inertial-Plane): Seventh-Day


Significant to understand that God’s creation is a non-local universe (creation is transcendent of evolution) or the archetypal (the mandala; "sphere") universe. That is to say, all Six Days of Creation happen simultaneously. Due to the linear nature in the human language, God’s creation is described day by day in the Book of Genesis.

The first holon is the self-programmable vacuum (or God’s) computer, the Holon of Heaven—Earth—Man (XiaoTian-XiaoDi-XiaoRen), the holon (of holons) of all of God’s Creation Logic, the JiuTian (); "9 heavens."

The first cloud or watcher is to be as God. The first being cloud or watcher-watchee or client, item of watching is number 9 in base-9 (or modulo 9). The cloud or watcher-watchee or client, item of watching ploy is the symmetry breaks of number 9 into many logic components of 10 (ShiGan TaiJi ) according to the free will of the cloud or watcher.

The universe is 10-dimensional inside a computer program, the Tree-of-Life, inside a self-programmable computer program. The computer’s coding modules are the 10-logic-potential mandalas spheres of Emanations or ShiGan (); "10 shields."

:Paradigm: Matter-Being-Holon

This paradigm is a synthesis of metaphysics in ancient philosophy and quantum-relativistic physics of today and the synthesis of a 3-dimensional world of substances.

  • (1) In metaphysics, the emphasis is the concept of being embeds in understanding PoHunLing (--); "mind-soul-spirit" (topological logic of XiaoTian ) and free will. Embedments in mind-soul-spirit and free will is the concept of God, or the Creator, or the First Cause. All these metaphysical issues taken together are referred to as the Logic of Being.
  • (2) In quantum-relativistic physics the emphasis is in understanding local/non-local space-time ploys of quanta. Embeds in these ploys are the phenomena of cloud or watcher-watchee or client, item of watching reality in the frame of fixation of the cloud or watcher and the cloud or watcher-watchee or client, item of watching with a frame of fixation different or alt from each other. These cloud or watcher-watchee or client, item of watching phenomena form the reality for both the cloud or watcher and the watchee or client, item of watching. All these cloud or watcher-watchee or client, item of watching ploys to be together are with specifics as the logic of Being-Matter ploys.
  • (3) In the world of substances, the emphasis is in understanding the concepts of space, time, motions, and atomic-molecular formation. Embeds in these concepts is the construing of action-at-a-distance, the vacuum as related to the metaphysical idea of an aether, and the question of existences; "to be or not to be." In this world of substances is space in the sense of 3-dimensional, time in the sense of duration, velocity in the sense of continuous motions, masses in the sense of rigid bodies or molecules-atoms, and forces in the sense of push-pull are co-created in the collapsing outputs of the soul-particle singularity crossover or transfer. Taken together is an attempt to explain the beingness of matter, with this beingness embeds in the Logic of Matter.

information Crossovers and energy collapses:

  • No neutral line (free will claim, very strong) with Yin-Yang trigram:
    • (a) Formation of quakes (quarks) and leptons in logic-information potentials and information-energy paths,
    • (b) Collapsed into quakes and leptons with Masses,
  • One neutral line (free will, weak) / Yin-Yang lines to form bigrams & trigrams:
    • (a) Formation of the information-energy paths of Boson-electroweak, W+, W-, Z Particle in soul-wave states,
    • (b) Collapsed into electromagnetic,
  • two lock-key neutral lines (𝌅, free wills claim, infinitely strong) no Yin-Yang lines:
  • two neutral lines (𝌅, free will without claim, very weak) no Yin-Yang lines: collapsed into gravitation (pentagram).
    • The collapsing of a Graviton in the hate of two photons leaving each other to produce gravitation. This explains why gravitation is weak while the gravitons are strong in the lock-key configuration.

:Frames: Fixation

The structure of a Matter-Being fixating frame is to do with the various cloud or watcher-watchee or client, item of watching ploy / communicating dimensions. In addition, these ploys are self-coding in the vacuum computer and the desert of the virtual dimension of the computer where the velocity of light ends at the desert (QNB, the location of the Vacuum Computer, namely the Universe’s Soul. To specify the cloud or watcher-watchee or client, item of watching ploys, all these dimensions are participants in one form or another. Briefly, a fixating frame is construing within the Holon dimensions of Being—-Computer Code—-Matter.

The 8-D system follows the I-Ching logic for signaling the self-programming vacuum computer. Remember, today’s computer is an convention with the binary logic of yin or yang, symbolized as 1 or 0. Notice, as shown in the diagram, there are 3 fixating frames part of a a Holon.

The physical side of the Energy-Mass Fixating Frame is construing given by today’s Physicists for a frame of fixation. An watching frame of fixation, often referred to as a physical frame of fixation, a frame of fixation, or simply a frame, is a physical concept related to an cloud or watcher and the cloud or watcher's state of motion. There are two types of watching fixating frames: non-inertial (accelerating) and inertial.

In special relativity these frames are related by Lorentz transformations. In Newtonian mechanics, a more restricted construing requires only that Newton’s first law holds true.


A further aspect of a frame of fixation is the role of the measurement apparatus (e.g., clocks and rods) attached to the frame … This question … is of particular interest in quantum mechanics, where the relation between cloud or watcher and measurement is still under discussion.

Noting in this connection that the clocks and rods often use to specify cloud or watcher's measurement equipment in thought, in practice are replaced by a much more complicated and indirect metrology that is connected to the nature of the vacuum, and uses atomic clocks that … must be corrected for gravitational time dilation.

The above Physicists answer is too restricted, only covering the frame of fixation for Matter without taking into consideration that the watching is made by mind-soul-spirit of the cloud or watcher with meter readings, with the cloud or watcher as a living or a non-living system.

This explains the incompleteness in the Lorentz's formulation as shown in the diagram, even in the Energy-Mass Fixating Frame, the physicist’s answer is containing at most half of the Matter-Being interacting dimensions, namely at most half of the input-output dimensions without the aspects of the cloud or watcher-watchee or client, item of watching dimensions, the Logic-Information-Energy Fixating Frame and the Computer Coding Fixating Frame


The two additional Fixating Frames are brought about by the addition of the Being component. In clarifying this diagram, the Logic-Information-Energy Fixating Frame is in need of further expansion. One additional comment is for the dimensions of the Coding Fixating Frame. The Free Will component connects all three Fixating Frames, thus, there are Six Coding Dimensions.

The most important aspect of the Logic-Information-Energy Fixating Frame is the mind state of the cloud or watcher and perhaps of the watchee or client, item of watching. This mind state with internal ploys is shown below:


Want —> Produce a Strong Positive Free Will, this Free Will is locally connected to Brain-Body Emotions,


Believe —> Produce a Biased Free Will, this Free Will is Connected to the cloud or watcher's Soul


Faith —> Beyond Free Will, this Faith is Connected to:

  • cloud or watcher's Spirit of Love: A Strong Faith is able to dissolve the entire non-local free will field and all entanglements. Briefly, co-creation begins with a strong state of pure love, a state of information crossover and energy collapse.
    • Notice, the state of Want—Believe—Faith is directly influencing both the coding logic and subsequent input-output continuation(process). On the other hand, Believe–Faith–Love is connected to the concepts of Truth and Reality.
  • Reality and Truth: What is true is real. What is real does not construe true. Reality is cloud watcher dependent. Truth is cloud or watcher without variance and is a continuously approaching state.
  • Reality and Belief: What one watches is a state of becoming, and depends on one’s belief. One’s belief may or may not be real. What is real may or may not be one’s belief.
  • Reality and Faith: Faith with Knowingness and Love is able to create reality. Faith without knowingness is blind faith, while faith with knowingness is intellectual faith. Faith with Knowingness and Love is a state of Co-Creation.
  • Faith in a Field of Free Wills: The success or failure of one’s free will in co-creating one’s reality, within a field of competitive free wills, is to do with the strength in collapsing one’s free will Holon, knowingness—faith—sticktoitiveness. Sticktoitiveness takes the place of Love.
    • Love (לעבה, leaf [עלה]: לעב, Ao; "cloud") —> Sticktoitiveness, without conditions and/or attachment, in a state of knowingness.


“All statements about learning and memory should attach quantitative values to definite positions in space-time coordinates.”[10]

The first basic layout of the Universal Syphers™ is to use the decadic system[11] of counting spread over a topological background of coordinated spatial geometry. Of the earliest known devises for decadic based spatial geometry is the Jewish Kabbalah (קבלה), but this system alone is filled with vagueness and limitations, but is made fuller and more akin to the original conceptual conveyance with the Universal Syphers™ and assisted with modern scientific and technological advances. Decadic construes of the system (group) of base ten[12] and in the Jewish Kabbalah, the ten is referred to as the sepheroth (ספרות); literally: “the numbers,” of the first through tenth coefficients and transliterated as the enumerations, a complete, ordered listing of all the items in a collection; the "Universal Syphers™ collection."


The ten enumerations of the first through the tenth called sepheroth historically are spread in a schematic type or tree diagram superstructure or Da ShiGan ( ); the "big 10 shields" which are imaged in two basic architectural structures of ShiGan YinYang ( ) architecture and ShiGan TaiJi ( ) architecture structures with various formats all constructing the superpuzzle in the Yosher (יושר); "sung song" (השיר) traditional landscape form.


According to the Matter-Being Project the Tree-of-Life schematic or Mandala specifies the Acu-Brain a Brain-Spirit (Mind) Operator that communicates with the universe via creating the keys (tetragrams) corresponding with the pre-codes locks (hexagrams) of the universe. These locks are created in the Big Bang and co-created by both modern (left-brain; YangCai: ) and ancient (right-brain; YinCai: ) quantum cloud or watchers. All Quantum watching is with connection to the Acu-Brain’s Tree of Life Mandala.

The Acu-Brain functions by the lock-key mechanism [inside the logic-information vacuum (HaoDaXing: ). The lock is the elements (Gua: ) pre-codes in the tree of life and wisdom behind such new companies as LifeLock. The key is to pin-point those elements the cloud or watcher needs, hidden in the lock pre-codes (FuXi LongXie: ) inside the Tree of Life mandala.

The 10 circles (spheres) are the 10 Acu-Point logic-information potentials [information monopoles] with listing in the posting: 3-Stages of Spirit—Soul—Body Health & Acu-Brain. In the Tree of Life, they are the Sephiroth; "numbers" and represent non-local creation.

:Heavenly or Ten-Stems

The historical difficulty with this in the past was that there was no particular method to determine the absolute verifiable layout of the Sepheroth’s ten enumerations. But now, due to the proliferation of broadcasting and availability of knowledge brought about by the information age through multiple mediums and the cross cultural exchange of knowledge through the computer and the World Wide Web there is a way to determine a verifiable spatial geometric layout of the schematic type tree diagram for the sepherothic enumerations. This is accomplished by comparing the sepheroth with another existent decadic system that is used by over a quarter of the world’s population, the Chinese system called the heavenly or celestial stems () and also known as the ten stems (). Whether these two systems developed independently of each other or borrowed elements of each other through historical cultural exchange over the ages doesn’t affect the fact that each lends insight to the other and bringing about for a new age what can now be called the Universal Syphers™.

:Enumerations and: Heavenly-Stems

The Universal Syphers™ also makes possible a halonomic diagrammatic theory of everything finally possible and a new paradigm in learning and the way information is stored. The first clue to determine the sacred geometric location of the first Hebrew sepherah[13] enumeration Chether (כתר) is to consider the first Chinese celestial stem Jia (), which is scientifically verifiable as having a WuXing () correlation of an eastern coordinate. So if we where to make a map of the cardinal directions for the ten enumerations, we would start with Chether (כתר)-Jia () as located somewhere in the east relative to the other Sepherothic (ספרות) enumerations or celestial stems ().

This in and of itself is a significant find since all traditional Sepherothic formations schematically are mapped with Chether oriented toward the top or North. To further verify this simple yet dramatic find we shall take a look at the second and third sepherah (ספרה) enumerations in relationship to the celestial stems (). The second sepherah enumeration is Chockmah (חכמה) and the second celestial stem is Yi or Nie () which is also considered with an eastern orientation according to the ancient Chinese cyclic character numeral system of celestial stems in association with the concepts of yin and yang and the five element system called WuXing in traditional Chinese philosophy first used during the Shang Dynasty. So we now have two eastern oriented Sepherothic-stems and keeping that in mind for a moment, we shall examine the third sepherah enumeration Binah (בינה) and the third celestial stem Bing (), which do both have a fairly significant phonemic cognate relationship of both having the same initial phoneme Bin’.

This for a cross cultural; Hebrew versus Chinese, and cross temporal; hundreds if not thousands of years of history, and both being decadic systems does lead to the conclusion that somewhere and sometime in history these two systems crossed paths. Continuing our examination of sepherah Binah (בינה) and the celestial stem Bing (), we find that Bing is South in the yin and yang of the five element system of philosophy, and not only that but as well the literal construing Bing in Chinese is “South.”[14] Now let’s see what we have gathered so far, we know that Sepheroth Chether and Chockmah (חכמה) when compared to the celestial stems of Jia () and Nie () both have an eastern orientation and that the third sepherah Binah (בינה) when compared to the celestial stem Bing () yields a southern orientation.

:Orientation: Columns Or: Pillars

What are we to make of these three sepheroth-stems in placing them in some sort of diagram whereby a verifiable geometric coordination is established? Well, let’s put a few more ingredients into the mix. We know that traditionally the ten sepheroth are arranged in three columns or pillars encompassing three, four and three sepheroth each respectively. But if the Universal Syphers™ arrangement is accurate then we cannot have sepherah Chether (כתר) at the top; North, since according to our findings Sepherah Chether (כתר) a.k.a. celestial stem Jia () tells us the first Sepherah-stem must be in the east. Further taking into consideration that Sepherah Chether (כתר) is in the middle column or pillar, the only way to have Sepherah Chether in the East is to rotate the traditional schematic tree diagram of the sepheroth ninety degrees with Sepherah (ספרה) Chether (כתר) in the East or right hand side of the diagram. This is similar to the modern difference between portrait view and landscape view in computing terms, with the landscape view actually the originally intended view as exemplified by the most ancient original pictographic writing orientation of the Sumerians before being turned by ninety degrees counterclockwise, forming the later orientated pictographic Sumerian writing that is actually called “turned;” into a portrait(upright-Yosher: יושר) view for each pictograph or ideograph.[15] Thus the first three Sepherah(C-H-B) orientate with Chether (כתר)/Jia () as the middle column or pillar in a landscape view easterly orientated making the second Sepherah enumeration Chockmah (חכמה)/Yi or Nie (), what was the left pillar in the portrait view, now the top column or pillar in the landscape view with Chokmah/Nie(נעה-motion) oriented to the north-east, still in the east according to the Wu-Xing () and the third Sepherah Binah (בינה)/Bing (), what was the right pillar in the portrait view, now the bottom column or pillar in the landscape view with Binah/Bing oriented to the south-east, still in the south according to the Wu-Xing () orientation with the remaining seven Sepherah following in ordination.

:God-Allahim: Fool-Nar(בועל-נער/נערר,⚊ ,0)-~76:81--Pt

:Higher-Spirit: Chakra-9

For the Gi(기, , Qi)-Chinese-Character-Mandala-nourishment/foodgrain-huskless-rice or: count(quanta)-is with the super-im-position-Chakra-9:9/9-Chakras for the chemical-potential and: in-formation-energy by the Gye-Cheon-ponder-heaven-9:9-Gu-Cheon(구천, , Jiu-Tian)-Base-9-heavens and: lodge(לון: Lun-Cheon) or: wilful-house of the Hoshea with the will-9:9-Igulim-Orbital-Planes.

  • For the Reisha-D'lo-Ithyada(רישה-ד'לו-עתידה)-highest-1:3-supreme-purity-heads of the [un]knowable(light) or ready is with the 1:3-mother-letters-Aleph and: 3:3-negative(blood-type)-veils of the Yesod and: highest of the three-supreme-heads and: level of the Radla(uraeus) with the three-higher-sefirot of the Chether, Chochmah, Binah(C-H-B)...
:Turks And: Five-Cays-Talents: Caicos-Islands

For the Shib-Gan-O-Haeng(십간오행, 十干 五行)-ten-shields-five-elements or: five-types(Base-10) of the light or: soul(Neshama) in the lower-Adam(Byeong-O-Haeng) are with the Masach(מסך-molten)-[phase-modality]-screens for the Nefesh, Ruach, Neshama, [C]haya, Yechida(c.f. Shaar HaYichud-gates of the oneness) and for the send-higher-sequence(5X5X5=125-Steps) and with the following-send-lower-sequence(5X5X5=125-Steps)...

  • ()For the Yechida(יחדה-[was]swift) of the Byeong-To-Haeng-southern-soil-element-Masach(מסך-molten)-task-screen or: sense-filter is with the direct-light...
  • ()For the Chayah(חיה: Xie) of the Byeong-Gum-Haeng is with the waning-counter-light of the rising-western-evening-lunar-third-quarter or flight,
  • ()For the Neshama(נשמה) of the Byeong-Su-Haeng-southern-liquid-element-Masach(מסך)-task-screen or: sense-filter is with the waning-counter-light of the night-lunar-fourth-quarter or form-flight,
    • by the forth-level-context or: scope of the Dae-Shib-Gan()-great/big-ten-stems or shields, spheres or doings.
  • (↑↓)For the Ruach(רוח) of the Byeong-Mok-Haeng-southern-tree or: wood-element-Masach(מסך)-task-screen or: sense-filter is with the waxing-counter-light of the lowering-eastern-morning-lunar-first-quarter or flight,
  • ()For the Nefesh(נפש) of the Byeong-Hoa-Haeng-southern-fire-element-Masach(מסך)-task-screen or: sense-filter is with the waxing-counter-light of the post-noon-second-quarter or flight,

:Higher-Spirit: Chakra-8

For the Jeong(정, , Jing)-Chinese-Character-Mandala-huskless-rice-azure or: matter(particle, drop) is with the super-im-position-Chakra-8:9/9-Chakras for the collapsing on-to the chemical-mass by the Im-Cheon-north-higher-heaven-8:9-Gu-Cheon(구천, , Jiu-Tian)-Base-9-heavens and: lodge(לון: Lun-Cheon) or: wilful-house of the Pekah with the will-8:9-Igulim-Orbital-Planes.

  • For the Reisha-D'Ayin(רישה-ד'אין)-2:3-supreme-purity-heads of the thing-privation or: nothingness is with the 2:3-mother-letters-Mem and: 2:3-negative(blood-type)-veils of the abyss...

:Seventh-Level-Context Or: Scope: Chakra-7

For the Shin(신, , Shen)-Chinese-Character-Mandala-show-greater-purport, logic-[in]formation and: Acu-point-circuit-Heart(Ht)-Gall-bladder(GB)-Heart-Constrictor(HC)-Tri-organs is with the subtle-body-super-im-position-Sahasrara-Chakra- 7:7/9-Chakras for the Being in the Matter by the Shin-Cheon-hot-heaven-7:9-Gu-Cheon(구천, , Jiu-Tian)-Base-9-heavens and: lodge(לון-לוד: Lun-Cheon) or: wilful-house of the Menahem(Gadi) with the will-7:9-Igulim-Orbital-Planes.

  • For the Reisha-D'Arich(רישה-ד'אריך)-3:3-supreme-purity-heads of the long(own) or without-limit(infinite) is with the 3:3-mother-letters-Shin and: 2:3-negative(blood-type)-veils of the Tiphereth or: Paroketh...

For the function-7 of this Chakra-7 is with the Knowing for the spirit-knowingness without the at-tachment or: biases.


:Sixth-Level-Context Or: Scope: Chakra-6

For the Shin(신, , Shen)-Chinese-Character-Mandala-body or: outputs and: Acu-point-circuit-Small-intestine(Si)-Liver(Lv)-Triple-Warmer(Tw)-Tri-organs is with the subtle-body-super-im-position-Ajna-Chakra-6:7/9-Chakras for the collapsing on-to the Physical-Body(No/Lo-Aum: ) by the Gyeong-Cheon-Age-Heaven-6:9-Gu-Cheon(구천, , Jiu-Tian)-Base-9-heavens and: lodge(לון-לוד: Lun-Cheon) or: wilful-house of the Shallum with the will-6:9-Igulim-Orbital-Planes.


For the function-6 of this Chakra-6 is with the knowing for the soul-perception with the bias towards one’s own-interests...


For the Ajna(עי-נא) or: Agya of a visual-lotus(לוטש, Nelumbo-nucifera)-structure is with the specifics for the nadis-Ida and: Pingala with the meeting of the central-Sushumna(שעשעמנא)-nadi before the rising for the crown-chakra-Sahasrara by the 2-petals-covenant with the 2-Sanskrit-syllables by the ham(हं: Ha) and: ksham(क्षं: Ka) or: HaKa.

  • For the Yang-left-brain of the spirit-non-local-knowingness or: remote-viewing,
    • For the Yang-left-brain of the usage is with the left-brain-volition or: wilfulness or: volitional-performance by the getting knowing-beyond-learning-knowing.
  • For the Aum-Right-brain of the knowing with the capturing via the soul-spacetime-perceptions,
    • For the Aum-Right-brain of the usage is with the right-brain-volition or: wilfulness or: volitional-performance within a space-time/co-information-energy-medium...

:Fifth-Level-Context Or: Scope: Chakra-5

For the Ryeong(령, , Ling)-Chinese-Character-Mandala-God/Deity or: logic and: Acu-point-circuit-Heart(Ht)-Triple-Warmer(Tw)-Heart-Constrictor(HC)-Tri-organs is with the subtle-body-super-im-position-Vishuddha-Chakra-5:5/9-Chakras for the Being in the Human and: Spirit-Mind(psyche: ψυχη, נפשכה) by the Tae-Hoa-Haeng(태화행, , Tai-Hou-Xing)-great-fire-element-5:5-Tae-O-Haeng(태오행, , Tai-Wu-Xing)-five-great-elements and: Jeong-Cheon-vigorous-heaven-5:9-Gu-Cheon(구천, , Jiu-Tian)-Base-9-heavens and: lodge(לון-לוד: Lun-Cheon) or: wilful-house of the Omri(Gomer) with the will-4:9-Igulim-Orbital-Planes.


For the function-5 of this Chakra-5 is with the willful-receiving or: [ac]ceptance for the knowledge-known(learning) and being subject by the constraints of the Chakra-6 and/or: Chakra-7.

:Fourth-Level-Context Or: Scope: Chakra-4

For the Shim(심, , Xin)-Chinese-Character-Mandala-Heart and: Acu-point-circuit-Heart(Ht)-Lung(Lu)-Gall-bladder(GB)-Tri-organs is with the subtle-body-super-im-position-Anahata-Chakra-4:5/9-Chakras for the In-formation-Energy and: Soul-Mind by the Tae-Su-Haeng(태수행, , Tai-Shui-Xing)-great-liquid-element-4:5-Tae-O-Haeng(태오행, , Tai-Wu-Xing)-five-great-elements and: Byeong-Cheon-South-Lower-Heaven-4:9-Gu-Cheon(구천, , Jiu-Tian)-Base-9-heavens and: lodge(לון-לוד: Lun-Cheon) or: wilful-house of the Jeroboam-plead and: Ano(Ανω)/Ono(אונו)-vigorous with the will-1:9-Igulim-Orbital-Planes.

  • For the Noah-motion

For the function-4 of this Chakra-4 is with the communication and being subject by the constraints of the knowledge-known(learning) and by the without-knowledge-known(without learning) with this self-communication-knowledge forming who one be.


:Third-Level-Context Or: Scope: Chakra-3

For the Ryeong(령, , Ling)-Chinese-Character-Mandala-spirit-wind and: Acu-point-circuit-Spleen(Sp/Sa)-Small-intestine(Si)-Gall-bladder(GB)-Tri-organs is with the subtle-body-super-im-position-Manipura-Chakra-3:5/9-Chakras for the Logic of the Being and: Godliness in the self by the Tae-Mok-Haeng(태목행, , Tai-Mu-Xing)-great-wood-element-3:5-Tae-O-Haeng(태오행, , Tai-Wu-Xing)-five-great-elements and: Mu-Gi-Cheon-Spear-Line-Self-3:9-Gu-Cheon(구천, , Jiu-Tian)-Base-9-heavens and: lodge(לון-לוד: Lun-Cheon) or: wilful-house of the Yehu with the will-5:9-Igulim-Orbital-Planes.

  • For the Hoglah-partridge

For the function-3 of this Chakra-3 is with the storage for the emotions...

:Second-Level-Context Or: Scope: Chakra-2

For the Baek(백, , Po)-Chinese-Character-Mandala-physical-mind(psycho) and: Acu-point-circuit-Spleen(Sp/Sa)-Liver(Lv)-Bladder(Bl)-Tri-organs is with the subtle-body-super-im-position-Swadhisthana-Chakra-2:5/9-Chakras for the Collapsing(close-folder) on-to the Image of the God by the Tae-Gum-Haeng(태금행, , Tai-Jin-Xing)-great-metal-element-2:5-Tae-O-Haeng(태오행, , Tai-Wu-Xing)-five-great-elements and: Aul-Cheon-Bird-Heaven(Nest)-2:9-Gu-Cheon(구천, , Jiu-Tian)-Base-9-heavens and: lodge(לון-לוד: Lun-Cheon) or: wilful-house of the Baasha with the will-2:9-Igulim-Orbital-Planes.

  • For the Milcah-Queen

For the function-2 of this Chakra-2 is with the survival by the cognizing-oneself by the self-communication with the Chakra-4.

:First-Level-Context Or: Scope: Chakra-1

For the Hon(혼, , Hun)-Chinese-Character-Mandala and: Acu-point-circuit-Small-intestine(Si)-Liver(Lv)-Kidney(Ki)-Tri-organs is with the subtle-body-super-im-position-Muladhara-Chakra-1:5/9-Chakras for the Soul and: In-formation-Energy by the Tae-To-Haeng(태토행, , Tai-Tu-Xing)-great-soil-element-1:5-Tae-O-Haeng(태오행, , Tai-Wu-Xing)-five-great-elements and: Gab-Cheon-Armour-Shell-Heaven-1:9-Gu-Cheon(구천, , Jiu-Tian)-Base-9-heavens and: lodge(לון-לוד: Lun-Cheon) or: wilful-house of the Zimri-music with the will-3:9-Igulim-Orbital-Planes.

  • For the Tirzah-favourable

For the function-1 of this Chakra-1 is with the survival by the knowledge of the learning with the Chakra-5.

:Twenty-Two-Paths: Supreme-Letters: Co-information-Energies

:Prajapatis-Profile (Iapetus) &: Yosher-Anuenue-Rainbow-Prism by the Cheon-Yeok-Pal-Goae: Correct-Dynamics-Format

The Hebrew Alphabet Path-Interval Interconnections is a set of 22 letters used for writing the Hebrew language. The Hebrew word for alphabet is aleph-bet (אלף-בית), named after the first 2 letters of the Hebrew alphabet. The Hebrew alphabet is an abjad (אבגד) alphabet, named after the first 4 letters of the Hebrew alphabet, were vowels are normally not indicated. The modern script letters have 5 final forms used only at the end of a word called sofit (סופית). Hebrew letters are also used as numbers.

The alphabet also serves to establish an order among letters that are used for sorting entries in lists, called collation for example: A, B, C… in the Hebrew case the following collating of 11th to 32nd paths (: Gui) or pitches [16](פיתך) is the order of 1st through 22nd Hebrew letters beginning with Aleph (א) and following through to Tav (ת).

In the Matter-Being Project the twenty two paths are points of fixating that direct the Logic-Information flows. These flows formed the Local–Non-Local constrained Information-Energy paths communication amongst the Ten Logic-Information Potentials, the Information-Energy Path, and the Aether in a Holon formed by these three components. The 22-Information-Energy Paths are:

  • 22-Co-information-Energy-Paths of the Hebrew letters,
  • 22-Co-information-Energy-Paths of the Astrological-Correspondences,
  • 22-Co-information-Energy-Paths of the Major-Arcane-Images in the Tarot, number of the card, and: images-title.

These 22 Co-information-Energy-Paths are formulated by the ancient quantum cloud or watchers, and thus represent the unification of ancient right-brain predominating science, now specific to radionics [notice, no such thing as just right brain or just left brain].

The 22-Co-information-Energy paths are with further constraints and hidden inside the Tree of Life Mandala by 5 stabilizing potentials. e.g., the 5 consonances in Hebrew letters, the 5 elements in both the I-Ching and the Tarot. The function of these 5 is to stabilize the 22. In conclusion, the Tree of Life contains 22 information-energy paths that are with stability by 5 sets of constraints. These 27 elements in various points of fixation specifies the major formula of the ancient cloud or watcher and are codes in the vacuum computer.


The Tree of Life with these 27 elements represent not only the logic-information formulas of the ancient quantum cloud or watcher, but also the logic-information formulas of the modern quantum cloud or watcher.

The ancient gnosis teachings on the numerical number that specifies truth is 64. The gnosis further teaches is this truth consists of a hidden part and a visible part, as shown below.

For the one-more-time of the life-tree-schematic is with the 27-hidden-truths(parts) of the non-stable(radioactive)-non-synthetic(natural-atoms: 43, 61, 84-108) or: co-information-energy-paths by the connecting-lock-form-codes of the ten-logic-co-information(6+4)-potentials(dielectric) with the key(tetragrams).

Therefore, the 27 hidden parts of truth are the hidden formula on information crossover and energy collapses. In other words, the ten(Jo-Shib-Gan, Akudim-bindings/fasces) represent spiritual-potential(dielectric), while the 27 has to do with the un-manifest soul-spirit communications, therefore they are hidden or secret. Thus, when the un-manifest become manifest, the hidden truth becomes the visible and the 10(Bu-Shib-Gan, Nekudim) can now be combined with 27 to form 37(Wands-Suit: 1-9+Beth-Shemesh), the visible part of truth, logic-information crossover onto information-energy. When the lock is open, co-creation, collapsed Information-Energy onto forming the physical world, namely the final truth; 37 + 27 = 64, the truth.

Co-interference fringes of the Fine Structure (splitting) of a cooled H deuterium
e- & e+ annihilate = photon becoming q & -q with -q radiating g

With the two number 37 and 27, calculation of the fine structure constant is simple:

  • 37 / 27 = 1.37030037… –> 137,
    • Notice, Base-9 math is without powers of 10(s). Powers of 10(s) in Base-9 is with gnomonic expansion-contraction. Here is the relationship between the visible (37) and invisible parts (27) of the universe.
  • 137 –> Visible / Invisible –> Matter / Being, concluding the fine structure constant is with the view of the constant binding matter with being.
    • Fine structure constant → binds together matter Logic with being logic to form the coding logic of a Matter-Being universe inside the computer.

In physics, the fine-structure constant or Sommerfeld's constant (1916) widens the Bohr model of the atom: α quantifies the gap in the fine structure of the spectral lines of the hydrogen atom with notation of the Greek letter alpha (α) is a dimensionless physical constant characterizing the strength of the electromagnetic co-interaction or force between elementary particles with charges. Co-relative to the elementary charge e characterizing the strength of the coupling of an elementary particle with charge with the electromagnetic field is with the formula 4πε0ħcα = e2. As a dimensionless quantity, the fine-structure constant is the same numerical value in all systems of units of approximately 1/137 (0.0072992700729927), the inverse of α is 137.035999084(21).

In atomic physics, the fine structure specifies the splitting of the spectral lines of atoms due to electron spin and co-relativistic corrections to the non-relativistic Schrödinger equation is with measuring first precisely for the hydrogen atom by Albert A. Michelson and Edward W. Morley in 1887, laying the basis for the theoretical treatment by Arnold Sommerfeld, launching the fine-structure constant.

Orbifold Ceramic Drawing at Susa

These 27 information-energy paths or common coordinate system signified by 27 logic variables, represent the SOUL of the universe are summarized:

  • 27-information-energy paths of the Hebrew letters,
  • 27-information-energy paths of astrological correspondences,
  • 27-information-energy Paths of the Major Arcana-Images of the Tarot, number of the card, and title,
  • 27-information-energy paths of the I-Ching, namely the ten Celestial Stem and the 12 Terrestrial Branch, which formulate the Acu-Point Circuits [see the Book, The Matter-Being Project]
  • 27-dimensions of 3-orbifolds that connect with superstrings,
  • 27 S-P-D Isotopes, nuclear tunneling elements between the logic-information potentials in the 172 Bio-Atomic table and the information-energy paths of this table.
  • 27 is the invisible part that binds matter with being in the fine structure constant,
  • 27 is sum of the 1–2–4–8–7–5 sequence formulated in the Gene, while the 3–6–9 sequence represents the three levels of Mind-Soul-Spirit.

In addition, the mathematics of superstrings is also connected to this number 27; connected to the fine structure constant 137, and the 27 S–B–D isotopes (nuclear tunneling elements) that collapsed onto 81 stable atomic elements. The connection to superstrings is through the mathematics of an orbifold. The Stems, Branches, plus five-element are connected in the binary logic of Yin-Yang:

  • 10 Celestial Stems —> TianLi XiangShang ( ); "heaven's Yin-Yang (5 element embeds) logic laws of the upper-form or spirit" —> 9 —> 73-108 Octaves,
  • 12 Terrestrial Branches —> DiLi XiangZhi ( , 지리 형질); "earth's Yin-Yang (5 element embeds) logic rules of the form-function or Soul" —> 3 —> 37-72 Octaves,
    • 137 fine structure constant <—-> 37 to 72 Octaves, SPIRIT-SOUL collapsed in co-creating all physical constants and 3-D space, specifying the Universe’s BODY-BRAIN.
  • 5-Elements (Dimensions) —> RenLi XiangXia ( ); human's Yin-Yang logic lower-form or improvements —> 6 —> 1-36 Octaves,
    • 27 information-energy paths <—-> 1 to 36 Octaves, specifying the Universe’s SOUL [below, the formation vacuum].


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