God in Human History

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Human History

God has been an active force in human history. In other words, human history is not just an unconnected series of events, but God has been influencing the activities of humans toward the accomplishment of his will or formulaic plan. God is a living and active God. Both throughout history and in the minds of people, God’s active providence has left its mark and in human history is called providential history.

Human history is the history of the providence of restoration or the directional goal history is directed toward. When considered via the standpoint of cultural spheres, a concept pioneered by Arnold J. Toynbee, a British historian whose twelve-volume analysis of the rise and fall of civilizations, A Study of History, presents a universal history with humankind as a whole, as a coherent unit, tracing history since the beginning of written information about the past up to the present contemporary time listing 21 to 26 civilizations to 4 or 5 major cultural civilizations represented and illustrated in the Universal Syphers™ by the Four Knights and a fifth element.

Toynbee said these histories displayed striking parallels in their origin, growth, and decay and when connected to providential history including vertical Parallel History through parallel time-identity, a universal history of the ages, the completing through restoration history using a central common origin, humankind obtains a unified coherent goal and purpose, and the beginning of the New Age of Symbolic Dual Time-identity; "series-parallel analysis" which includes both dual forms of time: conventional chronos time; series time-analysis e.g. CE 2013, January 1st is kairos time; parallel time-analysis New Quantum Numeral Baktun (NQNB) (

History Stages

Then, what about humankind, the object of God’s dispensation; what has man been like throughout history? At each stage in history, God has dealt with man according to man's spiritual state and intellectual levels. Has humankind always remained the same internally, or has humankind been progressing and constantly improving?

Humankind's Fall

If humankind had not fallen, humankind would have reflected God’s character and grown to a state of perfection - thus God would have been able to relate to them directly. However, Adam and Eve fell instead of becoming the perfected individuals that God had originally intended.

Humankind's Development

Throughout God’s history the spirituality and intellect of fallen people have gradually developed. As humankind’s spirit and intellect have developed in each age of human development, God has been able to revise the means of educating people and relating to them accordingly. As an example, in Abraham's time - when humankind's spirituality and intellect were extremely low - God needed people to come closer to him through the offering of sacrifices. People in early times were too immature to respond to direct laws and commandments.

However, several hundred years later, at the time of Moses, God connected with his children through the Law. At Yeshua’s time, instead of repeating the same dispensation through sacrifices, laws or commandments, God worked in a new way to bring the people closer to him, He gave the Gospel, a new truth, on a level appropriate for the spirituality of the people of that age whose work was to have faith and believe. Two thousand years later in this time the people will be justified by their actions or deeds where their focus is sustained faith in action and in deeds.

The consummation and eschatology of human history, the conclusion of the evolutionary development of humankind, the Biblical last days and end times are confirmed by the Mayan calendar illustrated through 9 evolutionary periods.


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