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SanHuang (三皇)

The SanHuang WuDi (); three sovereigns () and five emperors () are the first rulers of ancient China preceding the Xia Dynasty in the list of rulers of China or the Chinese monarchs list.

1st/3 Sovereigns FuXi

1st/3 Sovereigns Huang () emperors FuXi: () reigned 64 years; BC AYN 2760 through BC AYN 2697.


2nd/3 Sovereigns ShenNong

2nd/3 Sovereigns Huang () emperors ShenNong: () reigned 40 years; BC AYN 2696 through BC AYN 2657.


3rd/3 Sovereigns HuangDi

3rd/3 Sovereigns Huang () emperors the Yellow Emperor: HuangDi () reigned 100 years; BC AYN 2656 through BC AYN 2557, is also called YouXiong () Shi () Clansman.


WuDi (五帝)

1st/5 Emperors ShaoHao

1st/5 Emperors ShaoHao () also known as the “white[1] emperor” reigned 84 years; BC AYN 2556 through BC AYN 2473.

2nd/5 Emperors ZhuanXu

2nd/5 Emperors ZhuanXu () also known as the “black[1] emperor,” reigned 79 years; BC AYN 2472 through BC AYN 2394, is also called of the GaoYang Clansman (: Shi).

3rd/5 Emperors DiKu

3rd/5 Emperors Emperor DiKu () reigned 71 years; BC AYN 2393 through BC AYN 2323, is called of the GaoXin () Clansman (: Shi).

4th/5 Emperors Yao

4th/5 Emperors Emperor Yao (; bedspread) also known as the “green[1] emperor,” reigned 100 years; BC AYN 2322 through BC AYN 2222 and is called of the TangYao () Clansman (: Shi).

BC AYN 2340: 1st/119 years of the life of Yao (): TangYao () YaoTang-Shi (). He was born Yi FangXun () or YiQi () as the 2nd son to 3rd/5 Emperors DiKu and QingDu ().

BC AYN 2322: 1st/100 years reign of the 4th/5 Emperors[2] Emperor Yao (TangYao or YaoTang-Shi) and is the 20th/119 years of the lifespan of the 4th/5 Emperors Yao (; bedspread) when he becomes ruler. According to the Chinese Classic of History () called; pinyin: ShangShu[3] (); HanGul pinyin: SangSeo[4] (상서); “esteemed documents.”

BC AYN 2310 (GengYin ): DanGun’s (단군: ) reign begins during Emperor Yao's reign.

BC AYN 2286: 25th/25 years of 4th/5 Emperors of China Yao and the 44th/119 years of his lifespan according to the DongGuk TongGam and the 25th/25 years since DanGun[5] (단군: ) established the ancient Korean kingdom of GoJoSeon and ascended to the throne and subsequintially built the walled city of PyongYang.

5th/5 Emperors Shun

5th/5 Emperors Emperor Shun () reigned 50 years; BC AYN 2221 (JiWei ) through BC AYN 2172, is called of the YouYu-Shi (; “own, possess” (c.f. : Zhu: 주, including ZhuZhu: 주주); “master, chief owner” and concerned anxious) clansman and is also a DongYi.

DaYu; Yu the Great

BC AYN 2172: 53rd/100 years old DaYu (); "Yu the Great" became the 1st king of the 1st dynasty of China: XiaChao (); Xia Dynasty or the "summer dynasty."


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